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Access Surf OTAs with Ease: Explore Bookinglayer Connect Partners

Bookinglayer Connect allows you to connect with surf travel platforms efficiently. Discover our trusted partners.

The Four Core Software Components of Bookinglayer

At the heart of Bookinglayer there are four core software components: the Booking Engine, Backoffice, Payment Form, and Customer Portal.

Digital Waivers 2.0: Check Out Our Expanded Waiver Functionality

Check out the latest updates to Bookinglayer's Digital Waivers Feature. Now, capturing liability waivers from guests is easier than ever.

Bookinglayer Insights: The 5 Most Underrated Advanced Features

Do you know the key benefits of Bookinglayer's most underutilized Advanced Features? These tools help you unlock more bookings and simplify operations.

What Is a Channel Manager? How to Fill Rooms Faster with Less Admin Work

Learn what channel managers do and how they can help you get more bookings, with less admin work. Learn about Bookinglayer's channel management software.

Bookinglayer Insights: Our 5 Most Popular Advanced Features

Bookinglayer's Advanced Features help take your guest services, operations, and online booking system to the next level. Discover our top features in this article.

The Inquiry Form: Easily Manage and Accept Booking Inquiries

Easily and quickly manage and confirm booking inquiries with Bookinglayer's Inquiry Form. Learn about this helpful feature in this article.

A New Reservation Calendar

If you use Bookinglayer or any other reservation management system, then you know how powerful it is to have a fast and capable calendar.

Add Multiple Images and Amenity Icons to Your Packages and Rooms

Eye-catching pictures can help your guests decide to book a room or a package. With this in mind, we've recently addressed a common feature request to add multiple images to products in the Booking Engine.

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