10 Alternatives to Airbnb: The Main Airbnb Competitors in 2023

Lexi DeMers
Lexi DeMers
23 Apr 2024

Updated: 30 Apr 2024

Not long after its inception, Airbnb emerged as the leader in vacation rentals. In fact, the platform has nearly become synonymous with the concept of vacation rentals. However, in recent years, several worthy Airbnb competitors have been capturing the attention of travelers worldwide. 

Whether you offer a unique glamping experience or you want to list your own home while you travel, the array of websites and apps like Airbnb has grown. Dive into this guide to discover the top 10 alternatives to Airbnb that can help you capture more bookings.

Why Airbnb Isn’t the Only Option

With a strong global presence, it's easy to assume that Airbnb dominates the short-term rental market. According to Statista, Airbnb’s global operations reached an annual revenue of 8.4 billion US dollars in 2022. Even more impressively, that is three times the 2.56 billion US dollars in revenue the company brought in during 2017. 

A pie chart showing Airbnb's share of the $94 billion vacation rental market.While it's undeniable that Airbnb has a large share of the market, there is still room for alternatives to Airbnb.
With such staggering numbers, Airbnb may seem like the clear leader. However, the worldwide revenue of the vacation rental market is projected to reach over 94 billion US dollars in 2023. Meaning, Airbnb accounts for just over 11 percent of the market. With this in mind, there are still tens of billions left in the market for alternatives to Airbnb, making them a worthwhile avenue for hosts and business owners to explore. 

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The Top 10 Websites Like Airbnb

As the demand for unique and authentic travel accommodations rises, numerous websites like Airbnb have emerged to meet the need. Read through this guide of the top alternatives to Airbnb to find the best platforms for your business. In our breakdown, we'll explore the main Airbnb competitors and what they offer hosts and travelers alike. 


Vrbo, otherwise known as Vacation Rentals By Owner, is often heralded as Airbnb's closest competitor. This platform stands out with its wide range of listings and powerful “total price” search option, letting travelers see the full cost upfront. It exclusively offers standalone accommodations, bypassing shared spaces or rooms. 

Vrbo’s rich array of unique properties and straightforward pricing make it the top alternative to Airbnb for many seeking a home-away-from-home experience. Notably, Vrbo is owned by HomeAway, which operates as part of the Expedia group. 


Globally recognized for its vast array of accommodations, Booking.com extends beyond hotels. The platform also offers vacation rentals, cementing itself as one of the top Airbnb competitors. It is especially popular among international travelers. Plus, many of its properties are managed professionally, ensuring a seamless booking and check-in process. 

While it might lack some of the quirky charm found more often in Airbnb listings, its reliability and expansive portfolio make it a go-to for many seeking hassle-free stays as well as for those who want a homey touch.

Marriott Homes and Villas

Diving into the vacation rental space, Marriott introduced its Homes and Villas platform, attracting loyalists of the Marriott Bonvoy rewards program. Not only can guests experience the high standards Marriott is renowned for, but they can also earn and redeem points. 

By offering a classic rewards program, Marriott is helping bridge the gap between traditional hotel stays and private vacation rentals. The potential to earn points, combined with a strong reputation in the travel sector, makes Marriott a promising competitor for Airbnb.


Though you might not think of it at first, Expedia is one of the top websites like Airbnb. Known for its vast portfolio of travel services, Expedia has made significant strides in the vacation rental sector, challenging Airbnb's dominance. 

With its established reputation, Expedia provides travelers with a diverse range of stays, from hotels to private homes. What sets it apart as a top competitor to Airbnb is its comprehensive travel bundle options. These bundles allow users to pair their accommodation with flights, car rentals, and experiences. In effect, it offers an all-in-one travel solution that Airbnb has yet to fully replicate.


Tripadvisor is rightfully known as a powerhouse in travel reviews. However, the company has ventured into vacation rentals, positioning itself as a noteworthy alternative to Airbnb. 

With its extensive user reviews and diverse listing types, it offers travelers an informed choice, embodying a unique blend of feedback and booking options like Airbnb. However, the site serves as a metasearch engine, and users will be redirected to book elsewhere. 

Plum Guide

Though it is a similar site to Airbnb, Plum Guide offers a unique selling point. The site has distinguished itself as an elite alternative to Airbnb, rising as a curated platform for luxury rentals. 

By rigorously testing properties on qualities determined by travelers, interior designers,  architects, and psychologists, Plum Guide ensures top-tier quality. As such, it appeals to discerning travelers seeking exclusivity and an elevated experience.


Mainly considered a European-centric platform, 9flats offers travelers unique and affordable stays reminiscent of Airbnb's early days as a platform. As a solid Airbnb competitor, its emphasis on local experiences and budget-friendly options makes it a standout choice for authentic getaways. 

In many cities, it can be seen as a cheaper alternative to Airbnb. However, 9flats will redirect users to book on partner sites, like Booking.com.


Also catering primarily to the European travel market, Only-Apartments offers a curated selection of city-centric stays. As one of the leading websites like Airbnb, its specialization in apartment rentals gives travelers both comfort and a taste of local living. 

The platform also offers accommodations in select cities around the US. Notably, Only-Apartments also gives users the opportunity to add activities to their booking during checkout.

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Though it has a strong foothold in European destinations, Wimdu is an Airbnb competitor with offerings around the world. Functioning as a metasearch engine, it presents as a compelling alternative to Airbnb for travelers seeking authentic local experiences. 

Wimdu offers a blend of unique accommodations and competitive prices, which makes it a standout among alternatives to Airbnb. But keep in mind, since this site is aggregating listings from other platforms, users may be directed to a partner site to complete their booking. Oftentimes, they will be redirected to HomeToGo.  


As a comprehensive metasearch engine for vacation rentals, HomeToGo is a robust competitor to Airbnb. For travelers keen on websites like Airbnb, HomeToGo provides a comprehensive overview, ensuring they find the best deals and accommodations suited to their preferences. 

As an added bonus, HomeToGo works with several partners to help owners optimize their bookings and reservation management. However, depending on the listing guests select, they make me redirected to book on another platform.

Why You Should Look Into Alternatives to Airbnb

A women on her phone and computer around a bunch of houseplants.Airbnb's top competitors offer owners a great way to leverage their online presence.

While Airbnb is clearly a powerhouse among booking platforms, listing your accommodation on other websites like Airbnb extends your benefits. Perhaps the most obvious reason to also use alternatives to Airbnb is to capture a broader audience. After all, other travel sites get just as much traffic as Airbnb, if not more.

In addition, within the long list of Airbnb competitors, you can find cheaper alternatives to Airbnb and platforms that focus on more niche-focused markets. Whether you have a glamping site or operate a retreat in a premier destination, tapping into multiple Airbnb-type sites can help you increase revenue. 

Which Airbnb Competitors Are Right for Me?

Finding the right Airbnb competitors for you depends on the type of accommodation you offer. As mentioned above, many websites like Airbnb have chosen to focus on specific segments of the short-term rental market. As such, the first step is to figure out which platforms capture the market you are trying to target. 

On the other hand, it is always a good idea to focus on the alternatives to Airbnb that garner the most traffic. Sites like Booking.com and Expedia cater to large and diverse audiences, making them a solid choice for hosts of all types. Just make sure to look into the commission rates and associated fees before you decide to add your listing on any sites like Airbnb.

How Can I Manage Multiple Booking Platforms?

Channel managers are key to accepting bookings from multiple booking platforms seamlessly and error-free. At Bookinglayer, we offer our own fully integrated channel manager, Channels. This tool allows you to list your accommodation on a variety of top travel sites and easily manage bookings from one centralized calendar.

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What Is Bookinglayer?

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Airbnb Competitors FAQ

Who are Airbnb's competitors? 

Airbnb’s top competitors include Vrbo, Booking.com, and Expedia, all of which are significant players in the travel industry. Other big competitors for Airbnb include Marriott Homes and Villas and Plum Guide, both of which offer quality assurance and cater to a high-end market.

Why is Airbnb better than its competitors? 

Airbnb’s main advantage over its competitors is that it has become a household name. In fact, it is often used as the colloquial term for a short-term rental. However, aside from the fact that Airbnb largely drove the popularization of vacation rentals, not much sets it apart from its current competitors. 

What are the advantages of using sites like Airbnb?

Listing your platform on sites like Airbnb is a great way to capture bookings from guests who want an alternative to the traditional hotel experience. While Airbnb originated as a vacation rental and home-sharing platform, you can now find boutique hotels, treehouses, castles, and much more on the site.

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