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Reservation Management

While the Booking Engine faciliates online bookings via your website, the Backoffice can be used for offline reservations, larger group bookings and changes to existing bookings.

One central reservation calendar

Easily consult availability and make or change bookings.
For your accommodations, activities and services.

  • Move one or multiple guests via drag and drop.
  • Get quick access to bookings and all relevant info.
  • View the occupancy of your shared and private rooms.

Does your business have multiple locations?


Thanks to our Multi-Location feature you can create segments in your account.
This is helpful for filtering or restricting employee access to your bookings and guest information based on location.

Change 50 lines at once

Need to make a change to some booked items? Our booking view lets you select multiple lines and simplifies the process of updating the price, date or time for items in one go.

Identical lines can be easily selected, so making a change to a line on a booking with 50 participants only takes a matter of seconds.

Take the booking experience to the next level

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