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Automatically accept and process payments for reservations

Bookinglayer Payment Form
Works for any payment strategy
Freedom to choose your payment gateway
Zero commissions on payments

Different payment strategies

Pick the right payment strategy for your business or change it according to the package the customer has booked.

Immediate Payments

If you require immediate payment and no payment is received within the timeframe that you've set, the booking request automatically expires.

Deposit Payments

Capture a deposit at the time of booking and determine the number of days before arrival the guest has to pay the remainder.

Balance Payments

Bookinglayer can send a reminder for a balance payment and capture the amount due via your Payment Form.

Group payments

Decide how people pay in a group booking. You can allow each guest to pay for their own part or the main booker can handle it all.

Payment gateway integrations

Worldwide coverage

We have integrated with over 30 payment gateway providers, allowing you to take payments with your preferred provider using credit cards or local payment methods.

Local payment methods *

* supported via Stripe, Adyen or Mollie.

Currency conversion

When your payment gateway only accepts a single currency but you have enabled multiple currencies on your Booking Form, Bookinglayer does the conversion for you and sends the right amount to the payment gateway.


Bookinglayer gives you the option to set a surcharge per payment method. This feature requires consulting payment regulations in your country.

Frequently Asked Questions

We typically work with fixed monthly pricing plans and do not take a percentage of clients’ revenue. However, if a client wants to change their pricing structure into a commission-based module, this is also possible. The percentage-based plan starts at a 2% commission with a minimum fee of at least 100€ per month.

You can choose to accept bank transfers via Bookinglayer. If this option is enabled, you will need to manually verify that the payment has been made to the proper account in order to confirm the booking.

As a business owner, you can decide which payment options you want to accept. Bookinglayer offers integrations with over 30 international and local payment gateways. In addition, you have the option of accepting payments via credit card or bank transfer. Furthermore, we offer extensive flexibility in working with deposits, payment due dates, and more.

You can configure your booking system to display different prices based on group sizes, seasons, and guest types, such as children, surfers, non-surfers, etc. All of these changes can be automated so that your prices are always accurately reflected within the booking system.

Bookinglayer offers integrations with over 30 local and international payment gateways so you can use the payment providers you feel most comfortable working with. Vitis our Integrations page for the full list.

In addition to credit cards, you can allow guests to pay through bank transfers, gift cards, and vouchers. You can also enable a variety of other payment gateways, such as PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Klarna. As a business owner, Bookinglayer gives you the freedom to choose which payment options are available to your guests.

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