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Booking Inquiries

Though you may want to encourage people to make a direct booking on your website, there are situations where an inquiry form is beneficial.

Bookinglayer's Inquiry Form is great for businesses that offer bespoke bookings or sell high-value trips that involve a conversation prior to booking.

Easily integrated into your website

Add your customised Inquiry Form to your website with a few lines of code.

Inquiry Form Builder

Easy-to-use Form Builder

Select the data you want to capture for an inquiry with our easy-to-use Form Builder.

Put your form fields in the right order using drag and drop, create sections and decide which fields are mandatory.

Customise the styling

By using a Theme Editor or our Custom CSS option you can ensure your Inquiry Form fits into your website well.

Style your Inquiry Form
Turn an inquiry into a booking via your Backoffice

Ready to book?

From the Backoffice you can easily turn an inquiry into a booking. This will allow you to send your guest an itinerary and payment link so they can finalize their booking.

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Turn inquiries into bookings