Highlighted feature

Daily Planning

Our intuitive calendar is built to simplify your front desk operations.

  • Create a new booking or update an existing one
  • Consult availability of rooms and activities
  • Veirfy check-in status, payment history, notes & sent emails

Day and Week Planner

Wether you run a camp or a retreat and need an overview for the week, or want to consult the planning for a single day, our planning modules provide you with the data you need.

Capacity Manager

Our Capacity Manager was designed for businesses that need to be able to set the capacity of their activities or events on a day-to-day (or hour-to-hour) basis.

Simply make a selection and update the capacity in one go for the selected cells. Using keyboard shortcuts you can easily toggle between the count of bookings and the capacity.

Useful filters

Every list and planner in your Bookinglayer account comes with a set of filters to only display the guests or bookings that you need. Common examples:

  • Date or date range
  • Location
  • Booking status
  • Product type or category

Get the booking experience to a next level