8 Ways to Grow Your Business With an Online Booking System

Discover the top 8 ways an online booking system can grow your business. From 24/7 bookings to upselling opportunities, learn how to increase sales and efficiency.

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The Most Important Features of a Retreat Booking System in 2023

Not every booking system will satisfy your business's needs. Before selecting a retreat booking system, make sure it has these 12 features.

The Best Pre-Arrival Guest Communication Tactics

These pre-arrival guest communication strategies will help you increase overall guest satisfaction and avoid misunderstandings.

A New Reservation Calendar

If you use Bookinglayer or any other reservation management system, then you know how powerful it is to have a fast and capable calendar.

Bookinglayer joins 1% for the Planet

This year we became members of 1% for the Planet, a global network of businesses, nonprofits, and individuals working together for a healthy planet.

Why welcome home emails are a great marketing tool and how to write them

Welcome home emails, or post-stay emails, are the messages sent to the guests after their stay. The optimal timeframe for these messages is three to seven days after check-out. With this approach, you allow your guests to settle into the post-holiday reality again.

Google Analytics tips for travel business owners

Use these simple tips to make sure you're using your Google Analytics data to the fullest. Discover how you can apply this knowledge for your travel business.

Improved Custom Reports

Learn more about new custom reports in Bookinglayer. Create booking reports delivered automatically to your email. Schedule and automate the report generation.

Add multiple images and amenity icons to your packages and rooms

Eye-catching pictures can help your guests decide to book a room or a package. With this in mind, we've recently addressed a common feature request to add multiple images to products in the Booking Engine.

How to use the new Planner

The Planner shows you the number of guests, and optionally their names, per inventory item in one handy view. With a filter per inventory type, you can for instance show all the activities that you provide and their guests for a range of days.