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Booking Engine

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Sell any kind of experience

Whether it is a night in a glamping tent, a guided tour in the desert, an online course or a retreat that lasts a week, Bookinglayer lets you capture any kind of reservation through your own website thanks to our Booking Engine.

Design your own reservation flow

With support for multiple categories, steps, languages and currencies you can create an optimal booking experience for your guests.

Customise the look & feel so that it matches your website or Instagram-profile with the Theme Editor or apply a custom stylesheet.

List of bookings in Bookinglayer
Email Templates in Bookinglayer

Full control over dates and pricing

Fixed retreat dates? Accepting only arrivals on Saturdays? A minimum stay of 2 nights?

Set prices based on dates, length of stay, quantity, group size, seasons or age group. It would surprise us if Bookinglayer doesn't let you sell it your way.

Optimise occupancy

Single Room Supplements, Child Bed Rates and Smart Gender Dorm Rooms: use our accommodation booking features to optimise your occupancy and provide a smooth and easy booking experience for your overnight guests.

Configuration of rates in Bookinglayer
Email Templates in Bookinglayer

Add extras and upsell

Present additional activities, services or sellable items in the booking flow.

Apply your upselling and cross-selling strategies and sell more upfront.

Take group bookings

Let families or (school) groups configure their stay themselves and take away the need for long email chains before you can finalise a reservation.

The rest of the online journey via the Payment Form and Customer Portal handles a group booking too.

Configuration of rates in Bookinglayer

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A plug and play Booking Engine

Multiple languages and currencies

Your Booking Engine can be configured to work with multiple languages and currencies to support guests from all over the world.

  • Multi lingual
  • Multi currency
Match your website and brand

We've made it easy to customise the look and feel of your Booking Engine to match your own branding.

  • Theme Editor
  • Custom CSS

Fully responsive

Your Booking Engine will look fantastic in every browser and on any device - mobile, tablet or desktop.


Your Booking Engine is served using secure SSL.

Custom domain

Your Booking Engine can be served from a subdomain like

Google Analytics tracking

Use Google Analytics to track and generate reports on every visitor that passes through your Booking Engine.

Special offers and discount codes

Setup early-bird rates or extended-stay discounts in your Backoffice and let your guest enter a coupon code in your Booking Engine.

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