Customer Portal

For all things after booking but pre arrival

Booking Engine
  • Keep the booking process as quick as possible and leave additional questions for the Customer Portal.
  • Direct the booker to the portal after payment or through an automated email.
  • Have all required details from each guest in your system before their arrival.
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This is what you can achieve


Let a guest make booking amendments without involvement of your team.

  • Activities
  • Services
  • Sellable items
  • Rentals


Provide a summary of what has been booked

  • Itineray
  • Itemised breakdown
  • Payment history
  • Downloable receipt or invoice


Notify your guest on things related to their booking

  • Outstanding balance
  • Missing information
  • Unsiged waiver
  • Custom message

Digital Waiver

If you work with a waiver you can let participants sign them online before their arrival.


Confront each guest with a survey with fields that depend on the item(s) they have booked.

  • Dietary requirements
  • Level / Experience

Transfer information

Ask your guest to provide the info you need for an airport pickup.

  • Arrival flight
  • Arrival time
  • Comments


Allow your guests to opt-in or opt-out of your newsletter(s).

Instructions / FAQ

If there is anything you would like to inform your guests before they arrive, the Customer Portal is the ideal place.

  • Instruction video
  • FAQ
  • What to bring?
  • How to find us?

Improve the journey from booking to check-out