Making experiences bookable.

Our mission is to help our customers spend less time behind the computer and have more time for what they love doing.

Our story

Bookinglayer was founded when Tim saw the need to improve reservation management in a friend’s surf camp. Our team has grown organically into a multilingual and multinational family.

We are a 100% remote company

Since the start, we've been pretty much a remote company. Being remote allows us to meet clients on all continents, hire talent globally and empower every individual in our team to work and live where they are most happy. Larger tech companies such as Zapier or GitLab also prove you don't need to be in an office alltogether.

We care about good software design practices

Simplicity when it comes to UX design and coding. We care about writing readable and clean code, have automatic tests in place to prevent bugs from being deployed by accident, and use tools for active error monitoring on backend and frontend code.

We challenge each other

Our organization is pretty flat. Our team members don't accept what someone says as truth if they disagree with it, no matter what authority they have in the company. We love to be challenged with ideas and we always seek to understand the why behind everything we do.

Meet our team

Photo of Nils Wiegerinck
Nils Wiegerinck

Nils left the corporate world to get his (surfing) life back. He is now leading the commercial side of Bookinglayer, helping clients grow their business.

Photo of Michał Chwedkowski
Michał Chwedkowski

Michał joined Bookinglayer in 2016 as our backend developer and leads the tech team since late 2018. When he is not behind his screen he can be found carving crisp lines in the fresh powder of the Austrian Alps.

Photo of Tim Has
Tim Has
Founder & COO

Tim started Bookinglayer late 2014. He is often on the road to meet clients while improving the service with the tech team remotely.

Photo of Javier Muñiz
Javier Muñiz
Customer Success Lead

Javi has worked for multiple Bookinglayer clients in the past and knows Bookinglayer inside out. Though based in Spain, he is regularly on the road to meet new and existing clients.

Photo of Matt Leonowicz
Matt Leonowicz
Frontend Developer

Matt pursues an endless summer and therefore works remotely most of the time. Being an experienced frontend developer, he joined us late 2019.

Photo of Tamara Desch
Tamara Desch
Customer Success

Born in Slovenia, Tamara is an avid traveler and language learner. At Bookinglayer she is our onboarding expert and helps you get up to speed.

Photo of Miša Ković
Miša Ković
Backend Developer

Together with Michał, Miša maintains Bookinglayer’s API and our integrations with third parties. He’s best friends with a vicious Yorkshire Terrier called Ziggy, whom he often takes on cycling tours.

Photo of Diego Alvarado
Diego Alvarado
Business Development

Diego is an avid mountain biker and joined Bookinglayer in 2022 to help businesses discover and setup Bookinglayer.

Photo of Evgenia 'Jenny' Kadochkina
Evgenia 'Jenny' Kadochkina
Customer Success

Jenny already mastered Bookinglayer before she joined Bookinglayer in January 2022. She loves little adventures and can be found in the line up after her workday.

Photo of Angelo Medagoda
Angelo Medagoda
Account Lead

Angelo loves taking complex problems and breaking them down into manageable solutions that drive real results. As our account lead he steers our largest clients towards succes.

Photo of Lexi DeMers
Lexi DeMers
Content editor

Lexi loves the outdoors and traveling. For Bookinglayer she combines her technical expertise and creativity to maintain the Bookinglayer Blog and our website.

Photo of Marcin Tamioła
Marcin Tamioła
System administration

Marcin oversees Bookinglayer’s tech stack and keeps the wheels on the bus by ensuring our applications have high availability and uses industry best practices in security and system architecture.

Photo of Gudi Schouten
Gudi Schouten

Gudi assists us with the only side of the business where paper is still involved, keeping our books tidy and filing quarterly reports.

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