Guides on how to use Bookinglayer

Why Welcome Home Emails Are a Great Marketing Tool and How to Write Them

Welcome home emails, or post-stay emails, are the messages sent to the guests after their stay. The optimal timeframe for these messages is three to seven days after check-out. With this approach, you allow your guests to settle into the post-holiday reality again.

Google Analytics Tips for Travel Business Owners

Use these simple tips to make sure you're using your Google Analytics data to the fullest. Discover how you can apply this knowledge for your travel business.

How to Handle Cancellations in Bookinglayer

If a guest is not able to make it to your place and needs to make an amendment or cancel their reservation you have a number of different actions that you could take.

Opening a New location? These Are Your Options With Bookinglayer

When you are in the process of opening an additional location for your sports camp or retreat business, you might want to know how to structure it within your Bookinglayer reservation system. This article highlights the options that you have.

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