2020 Travel Trends and What They Mean for Your Adventure-Based Business

Diego Alvarado
Diego Alvarado
09 Mar 2020
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Updated: 16 Apr 2024

Is 2020 any different to the years that have passed?

The travel industry has been growing year by year for some time now. Travelers’ expectations and preferences are changing. As a business owner, how can you adapt to the current travel trends? How to offer your guest the best experiences?

2020 is rolling out slowly but steadily. I analyzed the most popular 2020 trends for the tourism industry. Let's take a look at their practical applications for your camps and retreats.

Redefining #travelgoals

“Travel goals” are evolving as much as the tourism industry itself. Many people move towards searching for meaningful experiences during their travels.

The “must-see” attractions often get lower priorities than trying out new activities. Yoga retreats, activity-based travels, surf camps – these are all up high on the bucket lists right now. In 2020, soul searching or transformative experiences has also become valid travel goals.

Minimalist traveling is also trending. And it’s not about your carry-on getting lighter. Minimalism is pairing up with intentionality and slow life. What's valuable now is getting a quality experience over checking-off all the top attractions.

The times of universal travel expectations are long gone. We’re moving towards diversity in travel goals and that’s great news for anyone who offers unique activities for travelers.

What your business can do about this trend:

  • Offer customizable experiences. Don’t assume you know what is high on your guests’ bucket lists. Let your guests choose what they consider important. Give them the possibility to co-create their experience.
  • Use the “transformative” element of traveling to design your offers. Start with customer reviews your website. Show comments that speak about how the adventure influenced their lives. They got more confident? Found inner calm or determination they lacked before? Or maybe they rediscovered what it means to have fun?

Plastic-free environment

Sustainability is a brilliant trend, no matter the industry. In 2020, limiting the use of plastic is something to get serious about.

With new legislation coming up, it’s necessary to prepare your business. In many European countries, all single-use plastic will be banned in 2021.

We’re all getting more educated about environmental issues. Consumers choose eco-friendly and sustainable solutions more often. And that includes travelers.

What your business can do about this trend:

  • If you haven’t already, stop using single-use plastic right away. Find alternatives for plastic cups and single-use bags.
  • Encourage recycling. Create fun posters and make a conscious choice to explain your recycling policy.
  • Swap plastic water bottles for water containers and simple glasses. Make filtered water available in common areas.
  • Offer well-designed sustainable gadgets. Pair up with a local business that makes reusable bottles, eco-bags, or other accessories. For the guests, it can be a nice souvenir and a step towards the well-being of our planet.


Meaning: combining work with vacation. Remote work is on the rise. Not only freelancers work outside the office. Full-time employees are getting into this lifestyle as well.

Workations, digital nomad lifestyle, or extended business travels. It's all happening in 2020 and will most definitely continue in the future.

Changing the regular office space for an office in the woods or on the beach provides a productivity boost many people desire. But it's only one of the reasons. Others include spending winter months where the sun is still shining or getting closer to nature.

People who work and travel at the same time tend to stay longer in their desired destinations. Also, they often travel off-season. Adjusting your offer to their needs can benefit your business in less popular months.

What your business can do about this trend:

  • Make sure to advertise your speedy WiFi on your website and in your offers on external websites.
  • Show it’s convenient to work in your resort. Take pictures of common areas, comfortable sofas, or your beautiful garden.
  • Offer mini-adventures or after-hours activities that the travelers can engage in. They will be happy to explore once they're finished with their work tasks.

Decisions supported by technology

Technology is an important factor when it comes to choosing a travel destination. Digital personalization influences the travel industry on many levels.

Travelers compare offers more thoroughly. They search for offers that match their exact needs. On the other hand, they tend to trust personalized suggestions more often than ever.

Technology also helps you with increasing customer loyalty. Using automation to stay in touch with your previous guests is something we shouldn’t forget in 2020.

Online travel communities are very active. There are plenty of groups where people share their experiences and recommendation. And of course, don’t pass on social media. Instant bookings happen more and more often straight from the Instagram feed.

What your business can do about this trend:

  • Let yourself be seen. Be present online. But it’s not only about the website and social media accounts. Try places where people share their travel tips, learn from what they say. Take part in discussions and build connections.
  • Boost customer loyalty with email automation tools. Send them info about new offers or discounts. Create special pricing for returning customers.
  • Follow up with your guests and ask to post a review online. Many will be happy to do it but may need encouragement from you.
  • Build a community of your former guests and encourage them to stay in touch. Be it a Facebook group or an Instagram hashtag – you can make it public or exclusive for your guests. Sharing genuine experiences will attract new travelers in the following season.

Travel trends for the new decade

2020 surely intensifies travel trends from the previous years. What stands out is the need for higher flexibility and more advanced customization options. Travelers seek out adventures and want to visit less popular places. It all shows us which direction to follow if we want to design the best travel experiences.

What other trends are you observing right now?

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