Decade of Success: How Surf Maroc Has Thrived With Bookinglayer

Lexi DeMers
Lexi DeMers
03 Apr 2024

Updated: 18 Apr 2024

While we love to see a simplified booking flow and online waiver signatures, Bookinglayer’s greatest pride is seeing our clients evolve and grow. Thankfully, with long-lasting relationships, we are able to witness many of our clients achieve new business milestones. And, we were so thrilled to celebrate a truly remarkable milestone at the end of 2023. 

One of our first clients, Surf Maroc, celebrated a tremendous 20 years in business. Having been a Bookinglayer user for the last decade, we caught up with Surf Maroc’s Co-Founder, Ben O’Hara. In our interview, we learned more about his journey in the surf industry and how Bookinglayer has helped propel the business to new achievements. 

About Surf Maroc 

Surf Maroc is a leader in surf and yoga holidays on the Moroccan coast. With three unique waterfront locations, the company welcomes travelers from around the world to enjoy surf coaching, yoga retreats, and idyllic ocean-side stays. Growing over the last two decades, Surf Maroc’s operations also include a surf academy, surf shop, restaurant, and spa.

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Insights from Surf Maroc Co-Founder Ben O’Hara

Ben started Surf Maroc alongside his business partner, Ollie, back in 2003 with not much more than a few old wetsuits, a handful of boards, a van, and a vision. And ever since then, they have been refining and expanding their services. With an impressive 20 years of experience, Ben shared some of the wisdom he has gained during his journey of cementing Surf Maroc as a market leader. 

A view of Amouage, a luxury hotel by Surf MarocAmouage, a luxury boutique hotel in Taghazout, is Surf Maroc's newest location.

Q: Looking back, what made you sign on with Bookinglayer all those years ago? 

A: It was driven by the need for a comprehensive PMS and activity management system that could adapt to our business model as we scaled up. Additionally, the personal touch from Tim, one of the founders, made the decision even easier.

Q: Having been a long-term client of Bookinglayer, how has our software solution contributed to the evolution and efficiency of your booking and management processes over the years?

A: Being a long-term client of Bookinglayer, our experience with the software has significantly enhanced our booking and management processes, providing us with the essential breathing space to concentrate on business development and improvement, while also allowing us to indulge in more surfing.

Q: As Surf Maroc celebrates its 20-year anniversary, could you share some of the most significant changes or developments in your business over these two decades?

A: Our product offerings have notably improved, now encompassing a much broader range. Additionally, our team has experienced significant growth, reflecting our expanding operations. 

Embracing the digital age, we've shifted much of our attention online for marketing, sales, and operational aspects, with Bookinglayer playing a crucial role in facilitating this transition seamlessly.

Q: Building strong relationships with clients is key in the travel industry. Can you share how Surf Maroc has fostered and maintained lasting connections with its clients?

A: Building lasting connections with clients is crucial, and Surf Maroc has achieved this through honesty, staying true and confident in our core values, and not being distracted. Also, admitting when you make mistakes and honoring them is key.

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Q: Every business faces challenges. What have been some of the biggest hurdles for Surf Maroc, and how did you overcome them?

A: Like any business, we've faced challenges. However, we've maintained our position as a regional market leader. But, if there was one thing that sticks out, it’s COVID, for all the obvious reasons. That was probably our most challenging time, with travel being disrupted and borders closing and opening without much advance notice.

Q: How has technology, particularly digital platforms like Bookinglayer, transformed the way you interact with and serve your clients?

A: Bookinglayer has been instrumental in managing and growing Surf Maroc's operations, particularly with its intuitive technological solutions, which have become essential in gaining the trust and faith from clients. It shows that you are a modern, capable company. They aren’t optional.

Q: As you look forward to the next decade, what are some aspirations or goals for Surf Maroc?

A: Looking ahead, our aspirations include consolidating existing products, enhancing them, and focusing on opening new ones, all while solidifying our position as a market leader.

Q: On a personal level, what does this 20-year journey with Surf Maroc mean to you?

A: It has been deeply rewarding. It's been half of my life, where I met my wife, began raising a family, and watched a successful business and team grow. 

I'm grateful for the people who make our success possible, our guests and staff, and take pride in creating spaces where people enjoy spending their valuable free time as well as cultivating a passionate work culture where people enjoying being part of something that gives others so much enjoyment. 

Surf Maroc Co-Founder Ben O'Hara surfing

Bookinglayer: 10 Years of Doing Bookings Better

As Bookinglayer celebrates a decade in business, we are also proud to look back on our achievements along the way. Ten years ago, the adventure travel industry had a great need for a more dynamic booking management software, and Bookinglayer set out to be just that. 

Now, we are thrilled to be one of the most customizable software tools for businesses that offer more than just accommodation. Serving market leaders all over the world, we have developed and refined our features to ensure we are the most powerful booking tool for the surf, retreat, and adventure travel industries. 

We empower business owners to handle bookings their way, while saving them time and creating a better booking experience for guests. And, with 15 Advanced Features and countless integrations, Bookinglayer is much more than just a Booking Engine. To see the power of Bookinglayer in action, schedule a free personalized demo. One of our team members would be happy to show you how you can do bookings better with Bookinglayer.

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