Bookinglayer Team Trip 2023

Lexi DeMers
Lexi DeMers
05 Dec 2023

Updated: 22 Dec 2023

At Bookinglayer, we are proud to be a fully remote company. By forgoing an office altogether, we prioritize flexibility and the opportunity to chase the lifestyles that spark our passions. Whether it's having more time for surfing or the ability to live closer to family, the remote-first system has many benefits. However, there are also some downsides to only talking with your colleagues on Slack or from behind a screen. 

That’s why Bookinglayer still prioritizes face-to-face connection despite the team being spread out around the globe. At least once a year, we gather together to connect, brainstorm new ideas, and, in all honesty, take a break from our screens. 

Team Trip: Morocco Edition

This year, we set off on a road trip around Morocco. While some of our team members were already familiar with the sights, sounds, and smells of Morocco, many had never visited the country before. And, for some team members, it was their first time leaving Europe. There was one thing we all had in common, though — nobody was prepared for the hammam. 

Two black cars driving through the mountains in Morocco

Road tripping around the country allowed us to split into smaller groups to work on new initiatives or just get to know team members a bit more. Whether it was the marketing car, the tech car, or just the fun car, we had many great discussions on the road. 

Into the Mountains

For the first part of our trip, we made our way through the winding roads of the Atlas Mountains. Along the way, we stopped to take in the sights, brainstorm as a team, and enjoy some mint tea — Bebere style. And thankfully, we came prepared.

Before our departure from Marrakech, we went into the souks in three different groups, each with a mission: the rug team, the tea team, and the fire team. Once the supplies were secured, and we had all brushed up on our bargaining skills, we hit the road.

Tim, the founder of Bookinglayer, making mint tea in the desert.

These breakout sessions let us stretch our legs and discuss our goals for the coming year. It was a great opportunity to hear everyone’s thoughts on prompts like, ‘How would you describe Bookinglayer in two words?” From the creative to the straightforward, we learned a lot about what the company represents to each of us, and no two-word combination was the same. 

Coworking and Finding Connection

After leaving Marrakesh, we enjoyed a night in Taroudant and then continued on to Tafraout. There, we met our guides in town and headed into the picturesque landscape on foot. Following a short hike, it was time to unplug and camp for the night. 

However, in true SaaS-company style, the lack of electricity didn’t stop us for long. As the sun went down, we all pulled out our laptops and powered up the hotspot for a quick coworking session. 

The Bookinglayer team working on laptops in the desert.

After making it through a night of the desert cold and enjoying an incredibly scenic breakfast atop a hill overlooking the camp, we decided it was time to head for the warmth of the coast. We drove west until we came to the small fishing village of Tifnit.

We enjoyed lunch on the beach and then checked into our seaside accommodation for another coworking session — this time with a bit more electricity. Though, the bed and breakfast ran entirely on solar power. Later that night, we all tested our knowledge with an exhilarating round of Bookinglayer trivia.

The Customer Meetup

Finally, it was time to head up the coast for Bookinglayer’s Customer Meetup and 10th anniversary party. A big thanks goes to Blue Waves, who graciously opened the doors of their new beach bar, The Jungle, and welcomed our team and other clients from the area for the event. 

People at a cafe sitting at various tables collaborating.

During the meetup, we had a great time connecting with clients. We spent time talking through their current business needs and giving extra guidance on topics like SEO, Booking Engine layout, and how to use certain Advanced Features. After taking care of business, we enjoyed some tunes from our in-team djs and an amazing meal prepared by The Jungle. 

Instead of hitting the road again the next day, we stuck around and spent some more time with one of our very first clients — Surf Maroc. Our whole team had the opportunity to tour several of their beautiful properties and learn more about the needs of their operation. After a productive meeting with Surf Maroc's management, we enjoyed the afternoon at their newest property, Amouage. 

With our clients spread out around the globe, we don't always get the opportunity to visit on site. However, we are so happy to have a warm welcome when things do line up. Experiencing our client's businesses in person helps us better understand their challenges and what's already working well for them. It also gives the insight we need to continue innovating tools that help them thrive.

The Final Day

After two busy days in the Taghazout area, we got back on the road again. Though we had a mission to make it to Essaouira, we made a pit stop in Imsouane to visit another client, The O Experience. Once we arrived and saw the view from their dining area, we decided to take a break from driving and stay awhile.

After yet another delicious meal, some of us went out for a surf, while others got some work done or just enjoyed the amazing view. One thing is for sure — we definitely left the coast well-fed.

We eventually rolled into Essaouira late into the evening. To conclude the team trip, we thought we would all go out for a quick bite and then get some sleep; several of us had to wake up early to catch flights. However, in true Moroccan fashion, the evening had something else in store for us. 

We made our way to a highly recommended restaurant, Le Love by Caravane, and quickly realized that it wouldn’t be just a quick bite. We walked into a tight but lively courtyard where Gnawa music filled every corner. Even more surprising, once we sat down, we were unexpectedly greeted by a silent magician who put on quite a show. 

We enjoyed dinner and the ambiance, even though it wasn’t the calm, quick bite we were searching for. Some of us even stayed behind a bit longer to enjoy as the group of performers danced, sang, and filled the restaurant with the sound of various traditional instruments. It was a celebratory ending to the team trip and perfectly encapsulated the many unexpected adventures we had along the way.

That's a Wrap

This year's trip taught us a lot about our team, our clients, and the value of being adaptable. The journey enriched our understanding of different client perspectives, inspiring fresh ideas to enhance our services. Additionally, the trip's dynamic nature reinforced our ability to swiftly adapt and collaborate under changing circumstances, a testament to the strength and versatility of our team.

We have our sights on other locations for next year, but we already can’t wait to return to Morooco — Inshallah.

The Bookinglayer Team


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