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Give your invoices a fresh look

The new ‘Standard ‘ version will give your invoices more detail, a more professional look and an actual breakdown of tax rates. ... read more

Receive direct bookings on your Facebook Page

Is Facebook still a thing? Yes, it is! Even though Facebook seems to have lost its coolness factor to Instagram in the past years, it is sti... read more

3 tips to make travelling easy for your guests

What do you do after choosing a travel destination? Well, usually you make a booking request or availability check. This often starts an end... read more

Customer centric today means multilingual

Have you ever tried to make a booking in a foreign language and run into a word you don’t understand at all? I remember trying to Google som... read more

Say goodbye to high commissions! Here is how.

Hey you, quick question why are you paying someone a fairly high commission for selling your rentals when you could be using this very perce... read more

Why your customers want to pay online

Have you ever gone through the whole process of putting together a nice vacation package for your upcoming holiday only to find out on the c... read more

Increase bookings with social media

Some say social media is dead. However, if you want to reach potential guests, a social platform like Instagram is still worth your time and... read more

SEO for more online visitors

Competition is fierce within the online travel industry as you aim to get more bookings through your website. A booking system helps you read more

Essential Apps

Make your surf and yoga retreat more efficient and more profitable with these essential apps. ... read more

Increase bookings for dive schools

With a reservation system or booking software for your dive centre, you convert more website visitors into customers. Additionally, it is an... read more

Negative reviews

Don’t you hate it when that happens? Of course; negative customer reviews can have a bad influence on your reputation. Although, you could a... read more

Millennial travelers

Most of your surf house guests are what are called Millennials or Generation Y. A lot can be said about this generation in terms of work et... read more


Overbooking is a real annoyance for both you as a surf accommodation owner and your customer. Unfortunately, overbookings still occur at acc... read more

Seasonal staff

Many surf camps and surf houses work with seasonal staff. It offers flexibility for you as a business owner when you don’t have to offer lon... read more

The basics of a booking system

Some of our former blogs have looked at the choice on the type of booking system you need ... read more

Tips to go green

Last week we told you all about the top five travel trends for 2018. One of them is sustainab... read more

Travel trends 2018

The travel industry is one of the largest industries in the world. The insights on the latest travel trends are, therefore, interesting for ... read more

Instagram advertising

You’re looking to get more bookings for your surf camp and want to use advertising to help you. Besides Google Adwords, you might have exper... read more

Utilise offseason

Some surf camp owners run a seasonal business due to the seasonal nature of surfing - unfortunately there aren’t many locations with 365 day... read more

Reduce stress and save time

Running your own yoga or surf retreat can be stressful at times. You feel like all tasks and actions to take are your responsibility, theref... read more

Must do's for online room descriptions

If you run a surf camp and you want to update your booking page,room descriptions are crucial. You want to make room descriptions that help ... read more

10 important booking system features

Using a booking system for your property serves two main goals; 1) you get to manage your bookings easily in one system, 2) your guests get ... read more

Cross selling techniques for surf camps

Who doesn’t love food? For most travellers, food is just as important as beautiful sights or pristine beaches. For me personally, food is t... read more

Optimal customer experience

How do you make sure your customers get the optimum experience with you? How do you find a balance between what you offer and what you get i... read more

Calculate your occupancy rate

Now that high season is almost over, at least in some parts of the world, you get some time to do your reporting and maybe you even slowly s... read more

10 topics for your B&B blog

You started a blog for your B&B or another accommodation business, and after the first five blog posts or so your writing inspiration va... read more

5 reasons for a business blog

A blog might sound like something you do for a hobby, rather than a tool to grow your business with. If you believe that’s true, then keep o... read more

A guide for organising yoga retreats

In this guide we highlight the different steps to organise your next yoga retreat. From preparing what your program will look like, to budge... read more

Home made vs. a third-party booking system

You are well aware of the benefits of having a booking system on your company website. No more need to sit by the phone and your computer to... read more

Importance of online reviews

Many businesses feel uncomfortable with managing customer reviews; afraid to receive negative feedback or no reviews at all. However, as wit... read more

The secret to more bookings

For owners of surf and yoga retreats, the question of increasing occupancy and receiving more bookings, is always topical. There are many an... read more

Accept more direct reservations

The Middle Man is Dead. Which is why you need direct booking from your website, through a direct booking form. ... read more

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